Exciting New Reality TV Show Coming Soon!

Sales is not just about selling. It’s about building trust and conveying an accurate message. Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value, assurance and a fundamental service that helps people and industries.

How do you know if you’re a great salesperson? You don’t, until you sell something and realise that what others find difficult, comes easy to you. Regardless of your sales knowledge, you could be climbing the 'show ladder’, wining some amazing prizes and possibly securing yourself that dream sales jobs with one of our amazing sponsors.

“So You Think You Can Sell” is an innovative, competitive, and inspirational reality TV series, where 50 candidates sourced from South Africa’s 9 provinces will be split into 10 teams of 5. The group dynamic will provide a glimpse into the skill set that every successful salesperson needs, and will also provide raw and real entertainment for both the audience and the competitor.

What sets this show apart from others is that neither the candidates nor the audience will ever hear the words, “You’re fired!”.

Instead you will hear “You’re hired!”

While there will be boardroom meetings and a 'seeding process', this procedure won’t kick candidates out of the show, but rather restructure the team where you will assist your team achieve its goal as an 'assistant sales person’ and have the chance to climb back up the ladder.

Simply fill in the application and we'll keep you posted on the next steps!

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