About educ8.AFRICA

The demand for educational training video platforms post the COVID-19 pandemic is why EDUC8.AFRICA has created a simple, focused and on-demand solution to Africa’s massive need for job creation.

Employers and employees alike have begun to rely on digital solutions for upskilling, communication and team building. Our approach is to provide bite-size training videos with assessment tools to keep learners’ attention in an engaging style of delivery, relevant to culture and language.

Our courses focus on developing:

  • Sales skills
  • Presentation style and Confidence
  • Interview skills and CV tips
  • Time Management
  • EQ and Interpersonal Skills
  • Body Language
  • Communication and call centre skills

South African smart phone users currently sit at 26.3 million. By 2023 smart phone users will increase by a further 5 million. (STATS SA 2021)